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ROHStrong Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

In the spirit of the season, Angelina Love, Bateman, and comedian/actor/wrestling podcaster Matt McCarthy talk Halloween, horror movies, the supernatural in pro wrestling, and much more.


Oct 18, 2021

Willow talks about the possibility of facing Rok-C for the ROH Women’s World Championship at Final Battle; being a role model for young girls; wanting to be a heel when she started wrestling; suffering a broken neck in the ring and going through the recovery process; attending a Women of Honor seminar several years...

Oct 11, 2021

Former ROH Pure Champion Doug Williams talks about the current Pure division; his storied history in ROH, including wrestling Bryan Danielson, Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe early in their careers; why he retired a few years ago and then decided to come back; going through a dark time during lockdown; who he’d like to...

Oct 4, 2021

Joe “The Answer” Hendry goes in-depth on his new persona and the motivation for reinventing himself; transforming his body and training with six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates; returning to the ring for the first time in nearly a year and a half earlier this month; the status of his partnership with Dalton Castle, and...